Goodnight, Sunrise - Gold Star (official video)

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Prince Ea - I Am NOT Black and You are NOT White - Music Video

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"These Labels were Made Up to Divide us."- Prince Ea


I am NOT Black and You are NOT White emphasizes the societal issue involving individuals who do not treat others equally based on their skin colour or ethnicity. The poem conveys a hypothetical idea of what our world would be like if people treated each other equally and cared for each other. Furthermore, unity, collectivism and love would be a cure for oppression and inequality. The use of dance complements the idea of equality because it is a universal activity. Two dancers who speak different languages can communicate through movement. These two people are connected through dance even though they are different because they speak different languages. The point I am trying to make is that people should accept other’s differences and we should not hate people based on their skin colour or ethnicity. 




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Beholder illustrates how every experience an individual has since birth influences them. Our thoughts, our values, and our opinions were all formed based on what we experienced as individuals. Social media has a massive impact on our daily lives, it can have an effect similar to brainwashing. Beholder is an abstract short film that represents how social media influences our lives. The purpose of this short film is to make us THINK about why we have certain values, thoughts, or opinions. 


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I created Retrograde to empower women. Retrograde makes a statement that women are NOT sexual objects and we should NOT be sexualized by what we wear. We are allowed to express our sexuality, our femininity and our beauty however we please. Whether that be through showing skin and wearing tons of makeup or whether we decide to have no makeup and not show our bodies off. These are OUR BODIES and not yours to judge and possess. Retrograde illustrates these BACKWARDS judgements people have towards women. Beauty is NOT a woman’s only value. Our skirts do NOT SUGGEST anything. We are NOT A SLUT because we have sex. We are NOT A BITCH because we are standing up for ourselves.